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Programmes and Courses


1)  Guru Dakshata (Faculty Induction Programme)

Aims to achieve the following three objectives:

  • To sensitize the participants to social, political and economic aspects of our time with reference to the teaching profession, i.e., awareness.

  • To impart and improve necessary professional skills in teaching, research, and management, i.e., skill development.

  • To utilize opportunities for development of personality, initiative and creativity, i.e., personality development.

Achievement of objectives is through maximum involvement of participants, expertise and scholarship of resource persons and dynamic organisation aided by course evaluation by the College.

Novel approaches and techniques are being applied in the programme to make it as interactive and participatory as possible. Breaking the ice, review sessions to sharpen the analytical faculty, workshops, panel discussions, role playing, brain storming sessions, seminars, symposia, hands-on-experiences, talent searching, visits to museums, eco-walk, presentations, creative writing are some of them. These methods demonstrate the way to shift from lecturing system to a problem oriented discussion method of instruction and could be simulated, later on, in the classrooms. The emphasis is on reading, writing, analysis and interaction the things a teacher deals in.

Renderings of lectures etc., are by resource persons who have achieved excellence and scholarship in their own area of specialization and also have clear and profound awareness of the issues that are involved in the whole spectrum of teaching profession. The college thus ensures that the quality of the programme is of the highest order.

Course evaluation is done by the participants at the end of each course and insights gained in this way are further applied in the future courses. There is a continuous effort to keep the process dynamic. Thus each programme leaves the college richer by new ideas and each programme is better than the preceding one.

In general, the College plans, organizes, implements, monitors and evaluates the programme in such a manner as to generate in the participants a positive outlook towards their profession. In particular, the programme of the college is working towards cultivation of a serious academic culture in the country.


2)  Refresher Course

The objectives of the Refresher Course are to

  • Upgrade knowledge and keep the teachers abreast of the latest development in the subject

  • Create a wide knowledge base and to apply it to solve the problems in the society

  • Motivate them to pursue research and to familiarize them with the professional societies and sources of financial assistance for research activities

  • Make the teachers aware of new methods and innovations in higher education leading them to develop their own strategies and methods of instruction

  • Exchange their experiences and experiments with peers and to mutually learn from each other

  • Create a culture of learning and self improvement among the teachers

The course coordinator and the faculty members of the department conducting Refresher Course should evolve a high quality course curriculum after discussion and consultation with eminent experts and academics of high reputation. The content of the course should have the following components:

  • The core material in the subject

  • Newly emerging areas and patterns

  • Dissemination of knowledge and actual teaching

  • Laboratory and practical components wherever applicable

  • Computer application, use of internet etc.

How to apply:-

  • Download relevant application form

  • Fill all columns of the form & get signed by the competent authority

  • Scan & E-mail us



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